Creative Expression

On my regular very slow jog up the canal (even the ducks have been known to challenge me to a race, and you know how short their legs are!), I am often too busy chatting with my faithful companion Monkey Mind to notice my surroundings.

This morning however, the rather creative rendering of the sign below caught my eye and made me smile.

While I appreciate that public signs or notices are often there to deter rather than amuse, it made me think about how we choose to use language, and how it impacts on the people who hear or read it.

Here’s a challenge for you:

  • Write or say something today that might give someone a smile (you can settle for a small smirk, or even a slight upturn of their lip).
  • Choose to read something that will improve your mood, rather than ruin it. This may mean avoiding the news, your Twitter feed, or even texts from your family!
  • Leave your Monkey Mind behind for five minutes and see what you notice.

Are you up for it?

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