Hey Sleepy Head!

Three times in the last week, I’ve had conversations with people that have gone something like this: I can’t believe how sleepy I’m feeling these days. All I want to do is curl up with a duvet/chocolate/glass of wine/month’s viewing of Netflix.

I yawn in agreement. For years I beat myself up about what I now call The November Slump until I realized our bodies are a lot cleverer than our brains are. It’s winter, we’re animals and we need more sleep. Instead of fighting nature:

  • Put the No back into November and say No to everything that is not making you happier and healthier.
  • Go with your body’s natural rhythm. If it’s begging you for an early night, give it what it wants.
  • Identify the time of day when you’re at you’re most productive, and make sure you get stuck in and get the work done. You’ll feel better when the slump hits you later.

So, this winter, make like a hedgehog and hit the hibernate button when you can. Nature knows best.

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