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My background

 I Iove people. With a background in teaching and facilitation, coaching was the obvious next step for me and in 2009  I qualified as a Life Coach with the Irish Lifecoach Institute. In 2019 I became an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation. 

I love collaboration. Working with my associate and fellow coach Liz Barron, we coach teams and partnerships to collaborate creatively and effectively. For more our work together, visit our website CoachingCollaboration.

I love connection. Through my work as a strategic research partner with Islandbridge over the last seven years, I’ve seen close-up how powerful brand is when it genuinely reflects the relationship between us and those we seek to connect with and serve.

I love words. After years of procrastination I finally found my voice and began taking my writing seriously. My first poetry collection was published in 2011, followed by a second in 2017, with a third forthcoming in late 2020, thanks to my wonderful publishers, Salmon Poetry. To learn more, check out my poetry website here.

Born, bred and buttered in Dublin, my time is spent coaching, writing, reading, Netflixing, cycling, slowly jogging, avoiding housework, co-facilitating the weekly Dublin Writers’ Forum, reading and performing my work at events and festivals, and occasionally bumping into my family in the kitchen.


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Now for the serious stuff

Creative Coaching is fully tax compliant and covered by professional indemnity. As a member and Associate Certified Coach, I adhere strictly to the Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct as laid down by the International Coaching Federation

Memberships & Credentials

Published work

“The ineffable tenderness with which Anne Tannam’s poetry chronicles love and loss, and our daily struggles with both, may catch you off guard and leave a sob of recognition in your throat. Anne’s poems render truth with such exquisite clarity, and integrity, that we willingly place our trust in them – certain they are strong enough to carry us too.”

Author of The Shadow Companion & A Tug of Blue

‘A sculptured moment of connection, inviting us to come inside and be astonished at what the heart can hold.’
from The Art of Listening

‘I can feel shells crunch under my feet, shingle and sand between my toes,
boats are sailing, tides are shifting across my sitting room floor’

from Airborne