The Confidence Booster

Believing in yourself as a writer can be hard, and sustaining a regular writing practice can be even harder, especially during these uncertain times. As writers, what supports can we put in place to boost our confidence levels so we can stay energised and focused on our art and craft? This coach-led interactive six-week course will give participants the space, knowledge, resources and tools needed to trust themselves as writers, happily committed to their practice, despite the ebb and flow of a writing life.

Course Outline:

  • Exploding the myth of the perfect writing practice. How to stay fully committed while embracing the messiness of life!
  • Knowing our compelling purpose as a writer fuels our creative energy. Discover yours.
  • The writer’s life as inspiration – nothing is wasted. What can you uniquely bring to the page?
  • Reframing ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked’ as natural stages in the creative process. Learn to recognise where you are in the process and how to lean into and make the most of each stage.
  • No writer is an island. How to find your tribe and identify ways to build working relationships that will sustain you.

It is recommended that participants keep a learning journal for the duration of the course. Slides are available after each session.

When? Starting Wednesday, 2nd March, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, until April 6th.

Where? Online.

For more information or to book, go to The Irish Writers Centre website and away you go!

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