Writers’ Coaching Clinic

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of running my first monthly Writers’ Coaching Clinic at the wonderful Books Upstairs on D’Olier Street in Dublin. We’re running the clinic on the last Saturday of every month and payment is donation/goodwill. Have a gander at the poster below for further details.

The purpose of the clinic is to support writers to begin or sustain a flourishing writing practice. Some of the issues or challenges writers typically come with are:
  • I want to start writing but don’t know how to begin
  • I’m struggling to find time to write
  • I’ve hit a writer’s block and don’t know how to move through it
  • How do I know if I’m a good enough writer?
  • How do I go about submitting my work for publication?
  • How do I pull together a collection of poetry/short stories?
  • How can I take myself seriously as a writer?

Sound like something you’d be interested in attending? Simply click here and choose a slot.

Happy Writing!

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