dismantle (2024)


dismantle is a reimagining, a re-examining of what it means to be human. Here is the arc of a life, from first cell to last breath and beyond. Pulsating with emotional energy, these poems ask difficult questions with uncertain answers: what is it to be a child, a daughter, a woman, a man? And what’s more, what is it to be? Imbued with the fierce energy of the crone, dismantle reclaims our connection to our true wild nature and the deep earth. This is a dismantling in the truest sense—of time and memory, of the ideas we inherit, of the self.


Salmon Poetry 2024 ISBN 978-915022-58-5

dismantle is a moving excavation of what it means to be a woman in the world today. Peeling back layers of meaning with precision, Tannam brings us a wild underworld of lost children, mothers and crones, each imbued with a fierce agency often denied them in the old myths. Formally and linguistically virtuosic, dismantle is both an exquisite undoing, and a call to explore the wide world.

Jessica Traynor, Author of Pit Lullabies

Anne Tannam’s dismantle is formally daring, emotionally charged, and endlessly inquiring; it blew me away with its intensity. Here is a poet at the height of her power.

Alice Kinsella, Author of Milk: On Motherhood and Madness

Anne Tannam’s newest collection is imaginative, unpredictable and pulsating with emotional energy. Whether challenging ideas of femininity and masculinity, womanhood and motherhood, re-examining myth, or seeing eye-to-eye with an aching personal loss, Tannam’s language is keenly felt. This is a dismantling in the truest sense – of time and memory, of the ideas we inherit, of the self.

Luke Morgan, Author of Beast

By ruminating on the crone, the other, the unfamiliar, the collection imparts power to those silenced by patriarchy. With remarkable investment in the meaning and etymology of words, it explores language’s ability to both oppress and liberate. Astonishing, witty, sensational and, above all, it provides the much needed journey out of reticence.

Dr Tapasya Narang, Postdoctoral Researcher