More Time Please

I’m currently beat into a book called Sapiens which strives to record the potted history of our particular branch of the genus Homo. It’s a fascinating read on many levels but as a coach I was particularly struck by Harari’s comments on how, since the Agricultural Revolution approximately 10,000 years ago, we’re often ending up with less time on our hands, rather than more. And we’re more stressed into the bargain.

It’s got me thinking about our modern lives and has thrown up some questions worth asking ourselves:

  • How come with so many labour saving devices, we’re even busier than previous generations and more tied for time?
  • How come leisure time often feels just as competitive and stressful as work?
  • How come we are working harder to pay more people to help us have more time and be less stressed? (I know I’m talking myself out of a job here, but it’s worth asking the question)


Over the next week, let’s challenge ourselves to slow down for a moment and think of one way we can save ourselves time and stress. (I’ve started by turning off my mobile early in the evening so less time is wasted on social media)

Are you up for it?

I’d love to hear how you got on below.

Anne is a Dublin based creative coach and poet. Visit www.creativecoaching.ieto find out more about Anne’s services.

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