Facilitation Skills for Writers – Online Irish Writers Centre Course

Facilitation, like writing, is both a skill and an art. The skill comes from learning the fundamentals of teaching; a thorough knowledge of our subject; and of course, practice, practice, practice. The art comes from combining our skills, knowledge and practice with our unique blend of personality and style to facilitate an empowering and enriching learning experience. Whether you are looking to facilitate a workshop, or learn mentoring skills, online or face-to-face, this interactive workshop is for you.

Course Outline:

This interactive online course, run over 6 hours, will give participants the opportunity to:
  • Understand psychological safety and how to create it in a creative workshop setting
  • Learn and share examples of best practice creative writing teaching methods
  • Learn and share techniques and tools for giving feedback in a constructive way
  • Access the writing community’s ‘hive mind’, sharing expertise and knowledge with each other
  • Design the outline of a tailored creative writing workshop
Course Outcomes:
  • Participants will come away with:
  • A basic understanding of the fundamentals of facilitation
  • Practical creative writing workshop tips, tools and resources
  • An outline of a tailored creative writing workshop

To find out more, or book your place, visit the Irish Writers Centre.

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