Coaching Skills for Managers and Team Leaders

This programme is aimed at equipping Team Managers with the foundational skills to support their team in achieving their shared purpose. To book your place on Eventbrite, click on this link.

Programme Overview

In today’s world, many of our leaders of change are provided with the tools and processes to ensure the required outcome is delivered.

However, with diverse teams located across the globe – most time is spent on defining WHAT the work is, while little or no support is given to the manager in developing the team and HOW they are going to work together most effectively.

This can result in poor team engagement, misunderstandings, conflict and failure to deliver.

This practical two and a half-day programme will give Team Managers and Leaders a good foundation of the skills and techniques to accelerate the delivery of great results and develop the team’s engagement and agility.

This course spreads modules over five half-days giving participants opportunities to implement their learning in practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to apply the following:
  • Best practice in team development and choosing appropriate styles of leadership
  • Coaching the team as an entity
  • Understanding the conditions required for successful collaboration and teamwork
  • Clarifying of goals and outcomes required of individuals and team
  • Ensuring that individual and team values are aligned to achieve desired goals
  • Building on individual and combined strengths within the team
  • Ensure results are achieved through collaboration and constructive conflict

Programme Dates

Online programme over 5 mornings :

  • 18/19 May
  • 22/23 June
  • 22 September 2022

9.30am – 1pm (Ireland Time)

Programme Content

Includes Team Coaching scenarios and practice throughout and opportunities to implement in between.

Part 1a

  • Coaching Overview
  • Role of Manager / Leader
  • Key Competencies for coaches
  • Active Listening
  • Goal Setting/GROW model
  • Listening Practice

Part 1b

  • Team Development principles
  • – Team or Group?
  • Role of Team Coach
  • Creating the Contract
  • Team Social Charter Purpose & Norms
  • Fixed and Growth Mindsets
  • Listening Practice

Part 2a

  • Coaching Mindset
  • Harnessing Conflict
  • Feedback AID Model
  • Four Types of Human Behaviour
  • Team Social Charter: Our Values & Goals
  • Coaching Practice – Noticing Body Language

Part 2b

  • Good Communication & Challenges of Hybrid Teams
  • Creating Cohesion & Trust – Psychological Safety
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Powerful Questioning Practice

Part 3

  • Reflect on progress
  • Recap on previous sessions
  • Coaching Demonstration
  • Harnessing Conflict
  • Coaching Practice
  • Creating a plan for sustaining coaching practice
  • Revisit Role of Manager as Coach

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